Deepening Your Yoga Experience

You love Yoga, it is more than just exercise for you – it is a ‘way of life’. Yoga practice allows you to feel healthy, physically flexible and strong, vibrant, full of energy, your heart is full of love, your relationships flourish, you want everyone to practice yoga!

If this is how yoga makes you feel, it may be time to take it further, learn how to teach others and entice the passion, enthusiasm and benefits in them too – become a Yoga Teacher. If however, you do not want to teach yoga yet, but would like to deepen your practice and knowledge, a yoga teacher training course will also achieve that. During the training you get the opportunity to meet, connect with and build a community of peers and friends who share the love of yoga. Participants may be from other places in the world, and bonds remain for a long time. It is a truly life-changing experience.

Yoga is Sanskrit for union – body/mind; breath/body; head/heart; inner/outer; etc. The practice of yoga is joining opposites, the ending of dualities, which results in harmony, balance, the realisation of our true nature, the returning to our natural state of joy. At the Ananda Sanga Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) you make a new career of confidently helping others achieve this.

On the YTT, the trainee learns to proficiently guide and assist people on a physical level, with strategically placed asana (yoga poses) in appropriate sequences. He/she learns to choose and teach correctly applied pranayama (mainly breathing practices) to harness energy flow in his/her pupils, and to lead deep, guided relaxation and meditation, which brings inner peace and calm.

The Ananda Sanga YTT certificate programme guarantees to make yoga teaching simple, easy to apply and produce well educated teachers in all aspects of yoga, to get results and benefits. The main trainers, Anne and Martin, have decades of experience in Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda. With assistants, they have been training Yoga Teachers for over a decade and receive inspiring testimonials from them. Many of these Yoga Teachers (world-wide), who keep contact with them, have accomplished their own successes.

Become skilled to be a powerful, confident, positive Yoga Teacher – be capable and competent to teach yoga at gyms, spas, resorts, health clubs or private studios.

~ Dr. Anne Combrinck: Principle Educator at Ananda Sanga