The Sleepy Village of Arniston

Arniston is situated at the foot of Africa, as if dipping a sandy toe into the sea. It is sandwiched between two nature reserves, De Mond and De Hoop. As you drive from the town of Caledon, famed for its hot springs, you’ll see the landscape of the Overberg falling away before you. In spring and early summer the hills and contoured fields are bright yellow with canola. This rich farmland with rolling hills punctuated with clumps of eucalyptus is also known for sheep farming. And if you’re travelling in winter, the road verge will be lit up with scarlet candelabras of aloe. Join one of our tours to explore Arniston and surrounding areas on the whale route.

The little fishing village is one of South Africa’s National Monuments. Its beach is characterised by rolling sand dunes and dark cliffs, making it a popular choice for photographers. While you’re here, you’ll likely spot fishermen going about their day in traditional fishing boats, and if you’re lucky you may spot the remains of ancient fish traps set by Khoisan strandlopers.

Arniston is the only town in South Africa with two official names. Its Afrikaans name, Waenhuiskrans, is derived from the town’s most incredible natural feature, an enormous sea cave which is only accessible at low tide. A literal translation of the name means ‘wagon house cliff’ – a reference to the belief that it would be possible for a wagon and a full span of oxen to turn around inside the massive cave. If you visit Arniston, a walk to the cave at low tide is a must.